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Inspection Survey

  1. Please read the questions below and provide as close to how you feel for each question by selecting an option 0-5.

    0 = I am extremely displeased / disagree completely
    1 = I strong disagree
    2 = I slightly disagree
    3 = I slightly agree
    4 = I strongly agree
    5 = I am extremely impressed / agree completely.

    This survey is designed to capture and provide feedback for the Porter County Food Service Division. This survey is meant to gather feedback from the manager on duty during the recent Health Department evaluation. We appreciate your time to provide these responses and look forward to receiving your feedback.

  2. Professionalism*

    The inspector who performed the evaluation was both professional and courteous.

  3. Knowledge*

    The inspector was knowledgeable and helpful.

  4. Comprehensiveness*

    The report was easy to read and understand.

  5. Consistency*

    There has been a consistent message during each inspection for food safety expectations.

  6. Manager On Duty*

    Where you the manager on duty during this inspection?

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