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Apply Online To Be A Poll Worker For The 2023 General Election

  1. Online Poll Worker Application For The 2023 General Election
  2. Please note any question with a red * requires an answer. You will find that almost every question will require an answer. You will not be able to submit this form until all fields with the red * are completed.
  3. Contact Information
  4. Please use your legal name
  5. Please use your legal name
  6. Please provide the street address where you legally reside
  7. What Is The Best Way To Contact You?*
  8. What Is The Best Time To Contact You At That Phone Number?
  9. Poll Worker Qualifying Information
  10. Are You A US Citizen?*
  11. Do You Live In Porter County*
  12. Are You Registered To Vote?*
  13. Are you the treasurer or chairman of the committee for a candidate on the ballot?*
  14. Are a you a candidate on the ballot, or a relative by birth, marriage or adoption of a candidate on the ballot?*
  15. What Is Your Political Party Affiliation?*
    1. Poll Worker Experience
    2. Which Position Are You MOST Interested In Working?*
    3. What Position Are You MOST Interested In Working?*
      1. Would You Accept Another Position?*
      2. In What Township Would You Prefer To Work In?*
      3. If There Are No Positions Open At Your Preferred Township, Would You Consider A Different Location?*
      4. Have You Served As A Poll Worker Before?*
      5. In Which Previous Elections Did You Serve As A Poll Worker*

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      6. In What Position(s) Did You Work?*
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      7. Disclosures
      8. The Chairs of the two major political parties have until October 18th to appoint poll workers. After October 18th, the Elections & Registration office will fill any vacancies. You MAY INCREASE YOUR CHANCE of being appointed as a poll worker if you allow us to forward your application to the Chair of the political party you have declared in this application form. May we forward your application to the Chair of the political party you have declared?*
          1. I hereby authorize the Elections & Registration Office to forward my application information to the Chair of the political party that I have declared in this application, and authorize a representative of the Party Chair to contact me about being a poll worker.*
          2. Your application will be held by the Elections Office and your application will be considered if there are vacancies after the Party Chairs submit their poll worker assignments. Until the Party Chairs turn in their lists of Poll Worker appointments on October 18th, we will not know how many Poll Worker vacancies will need to be filled, and you may not be contacted until after October 18th if you are selected to be a Poll Worker.*
          3. This online form is ONLY an application to become a Poll Worker. Your approval to work at the polls is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation from the Elections & Registration Office*
          4. If you are selected as a Poll Worker, you MUST attend a required training course.*
          5. You are almost done! Please click on "Submit" below and you will be directed to a Form Submission Confirmation Page. If you are not directed to the Form Submission Confirmation Page, then you have probably missed providing required information on this form. Please scroll up to see any highlighted fields where an answer is required, then click on "Submit" again.
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