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Oct 25

[ARCHIVED] Porter County Government 2021 Subdivision Paving Projects Are COMPLETED!

The original item was published from July 22, 2021 9:51 AM to October 25, 2021 12:22 PM

Subdivision Paving Projects Update


On October 20th, Rieth-Riley paved the final street of the 2021 Subdivision Paving Projects! Plus, due to tight project controls by the County, THREE additional subdivisions were added to the original list of nineteen subdivisions. Scroll down for a description of the Subdivision Paving Projects and information about how subdivisions were selected and the funding used to complete the projects.


1Heritage ValleyCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
2Hawthorne HillCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
4Edwardsville ManorCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
5Sager EstatesCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
6WoodviewCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
7Willow Heights
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
8Whispering HillsCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
9Warren WoodsCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
10Wedgewood ParkCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
11Lexington FarmsCompleted (awaiting minor clean-up).
12Tanner Trace
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
13Wind Ridge
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
14Glenwood Hills
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
16Forest View
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
17Goodview Estates
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
18Lamplight Lane
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
19Rillstone Pointe
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
20Five Points Acres
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
21Pheasant Hills
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
22Seasons View
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).
23Morgan Estates
Completed (awaiting minor clean-up).

Due to tight cost controls, the three new subdivisions highlighted in gold were added to the paving project list! They were next on our worst condition list of subdivisions.

Subdivision Paving Projects Plan Summary

Over the past few years, Porter County Government has increased its focus on improvement and preservation of the over 800 miles of roads in unincorporated areas of the County. Unincorporated means areas that are outside the municipal boundaries of our cities and towns. This has included:

  • Chip & Seal on 130 miles of side roads. Chip & Seal is a common pavement maintenance practice that extends pavement life and provides a good driving surface. Chip & seal applications were done in-house by the Porter County Highway Department, providing a 55% cost savings when compared to using outside contractors.
  • In 2020 and 2021, nearly $3.9 million in reconstruction and paving projects on high traffic major thoroughfares and arterial roads through the Indiana Community Crossing Matching Grant (CCMG) program. 50% of the cost was paid by the state and 50% by the County.
  • All of these projects were funded WITHOUT imposing a wheel tax on residents of unincorporated Porter County or increasing the county’s property tax rate.

In late 2020, the County began to examine the approximately 202 miles of streets in the over 300 subdivisions in unincorporated areas. These subdivisions include small one-street developments up to mega-developments such as South Haven and Shorewood. Recognizing that many of these developments were over 30 years old, the County began to formulate a plan to expand its road & street improvement programs to include subdivisions.

The Porter County Highway and Engineering team conducted an assessment of the structural and ride conditions of the streets in each of the 300 subdivisions.  Based on the data acquired in the assessments, a priority rating was assigned to each subdivision. Using the priority rating, the County established a ranking system that determined the worst to best subdivisions based on overall street conditions. 

Upon examination of the highest priority subdivisions, it became clear that action needed to be taken.  Using a “worst first” approach, the 17.2 miles of streets in the 19 highest priority subdivisions were targeted for repaving. 

“This rating system will provide the roadmap for future repaving projects in our subdivisions,” said Board of Commissioners President Jeff Good. “The “worst first” priority rating system is a purely objective process based on data and evidence. This is how good government works.”

With a cost of approximately $175,000 per mile, the estimated price tag to complete the 19 subdivisions is $3 million. The Board of Commissioners and County Council worked together to identify possible funding sources for these projects. After reviewing several different options, the two bodies unanimously agreed to allocate $3 million in funding from the Porter County Government Non-Profit Charitable Foundation’s investment earnings. 

“Funding of the subdivision paving program is another example of the continuing collaboration between the County Council and Board of Commissioners to achieve common goals,” said County Council President Jeremy Rivas. “Projects like this normally could not take place without an increased cost to taxpayers, but with the sound fiscal investment policy of the Porter County Government Foundation’s Board, the County has been able to keep taxes low for all Porter County residents while investing in our infrastructure.”

A request for bids was announced, and the bids were received and opened at the July 13th Board of Commissioners meeting. Awarding of the contract will took place at their August 8th meeting.

The subdivisions ORIGINALLY included in this project, listed by “worst first” are:



# Miles



1Warren Woods0.437Center$79,296
2Lamplight Lane0.197Morgan$34,394
3Five Points Acres0.223Pleasant$38,934
3Forest View Estates2.025Porter$353,547
3Goodview Estates0.249Porter$43,473
3Hawthorne Hills0.332Center$57,964
3Lexington Farms0.518Liberty$90,438
3Rillstone Pointe0.224Pleasant$39,108
3Sager Estates1.190Center$207,763
3Tanner Trace0.714Liberty$124,658
3Wedgewood Park0.586Center$102,310
4Edwardsville Manor1.053Center$183,844
5Whispering Hills1.011Washington$176,512
6Wind Ridge0.878Liberty$153,291
7Willow Heights0.291Center$50,806
8Glenwood Hills1.952Center$340,802
9Heritage Valley4.425Center$772,566

2021 Subdivision Paving Project Photos

Photos of the 2021 Subdivisions Paving Projects

Warren Woods Subdivision #1

Crumbling road pavement in Warren Woods subdivision

Warren Woods Subdivision #2

Crumbling road pavement in Warren Woods subdivision

Heritage Valley Subdivision #1

Crumbling road pavement in Heritage Valley subdivision

Heritage Valley Subdivision #2

Crumbling road pavement in Heritage Valley subdivision

Glenwood Hills Subdivision #1

Crumbling road pavement in Glenwood Hills Subdivision

Glenwood Hills Subdivision #2

Crumbling road pavement in Glenwood Hills Subdivision