eRecording in Porter County

Porter County offers electronic recording of ALL document types!

We accept all document types for eRecording, including those transfer documents that circulate between the Recorder, Auditor and Assessor.

eRecording automates document examination, fee collection, image retention, data processing and eliminates paper.

eRecording allows the office to electronically record documents via the Internet. This technology provides secure and efficient recording of real estate documents.

The benefits of E-Recording include:

  • The manual process associated with paper processing is reduced from days to just minutes.
  • eRecording wins "The Race to the Courthouse" - eDocuments beat ones submitted via the mail or a courier
  • Direct cost savings in postage, overnight shipping and delayed processing
  • Fewer rejections and faster corrections: eRecording eliminates rejections for incorrect fees. Rejected documents can be resubmitted in hours vs. days.

Porter County currently accepts eRecordings from four submitting vendors. To compare prices and to begin eRecording with our office, contact:

Corporation Service Company
(866) 652-0111

eRecording Partners Network
(888) 325-3365

Indecomm Global Services
(877) 272- 5250

(800) 460-5657