What You Should Look for in a Tattoo Parlor

Selecting an Establishment

When selecting an establishment in which to get a tattoo or piercing, there are a few things you should look for:

  • A new ink supply should be poured into a disposable container
  • All equipment should be single service. Each needle and tube set should be individually packaged, dated, sealed, sterilized, and opened immediately prior to your tattoo
  • Any razors, needles, ink, plastic trays or containers, gloves, or ointments used in your tattoo application should be discarded after use
  • Appropriate disinfectants should be used to clean the work area after tattoo application
  • Patron (client) rights must be displayed
  • Tattooists and piercers must wear gloves when tattooing
  • Tattooists and piercers should not work when sick
  • The staff should be willing and able to answer your questions
  • The tattooist / piercer and parlor should be neat and clean in appearance
  • There should be hand-washing facilities with running water available for the tattooist / piercer to use

Porter County Health Department inspects Tattoo and Piercing Parlors annually and on a complaint basis. Please contact our office at 219-465-3525, option 5, for information or issues concerning specific parlors.