Tattoo Parties

Getting a Tattoo From a House Party

Many individuals receive tattoos/piercings from house parties. House parties are social gatherings that can offer home tattooing / piercing from individuals whom may have the tools for performing the procedures, but are not licensed, certified or educated in the proper way to safely apply a tattoo or piercing. Tattoo parties are done for the benefit of the amateur tattooist, and the host, who typically gets a cut of the tattooist's money.

The Difference

If you ever went to a professional tattoo parlor, you would think you were at a clinical office. There are autoclaves (the machines that sterilize the equipment), organized tattoo equipment (sterilized and separated by size and dated for expiration or rotation). Inks organized by color, date, lot, manufacturer, etc. They track all of the client data in addition to placement, reaction, lot number, etc. The people at tattoo parties do not track anything, keep no documentation, and bear no responsibilities after the night is over.

Why It's Risky

House party tattoos are done in areas that violate the health codes for tattoos and piercings. Tattoos and piercings may be done in bathrooms, kitchens, or even basements. These are the most germ-infested areas of a home and can increase an individual's chances of becoming ill. Since house parties are, in fact, parties, the artist / individual may be under the influence of something, and won't be in the best condition for the procedure and/or conducting of tattoo. This increases the chance of mistakes during the application procedure or worse, injury.