Communicable Disease Program

The Porter County Health Department is involved in the identification, investigation, and resolution of disease outbreaks. These situations are assessed and monitored with the assistance of the State Department of Health.


The Porter County Health Department is responsible for the surveillance and investigation of certain communicable diseases occurring in Porter County residents. The investigation process often entails contracting the individual's Healthcare Provider to confirm the diagnosis.

The patient (him/herself) is also frequently contacted on how to prevent the spread of disease to others. The Health Department is able to supply the individual with educational information on the disease as needed.

All reports are confidential and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Guidance & Recommendations

The Health Department is available to offer guidance and recommendations to the public and Healthcare Professionals in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Center of Disease Control and the Indiana State Department of Health.


Statistics of Communicable Diseases in Porter County are compiled at monthly and yearly intervals. This is helpful in tracking disease trends in this county.