Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Possible Risk factors

  • Does your child live in or regularly visit any residence or child care center built before 1978?
  • Does your child have a sibling or playmate who has had lead poisoning?
  • Does your child frequently come in contact with an adult who works in an industry or has a hobby using lead (battery factory, steel smelter, or stained glass)?
  • Is your child a recent immigrant or a member of a minority group?
  • Does anyone in your family use ethnic or folk remedies or cosmetics?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, a blood lead test is necessary. Remember, lead poisoning is a preventable disease.


In the event of an elevated lead level, case management is initiated and follow up is done by the nurse / case manager.

Tests are done at the Valparaiso and Portage offices Monday through Friday during office hours:

  • For the Valparaiso office call 219-465-3525
  • For the Portage office call 219-759-8239