Financial Statements

 This page provides information about the annual financial statements prepared by the Porter County Auditor's Office for Porter County Government and for the Porter County Government Charitable Nonprofit Foundation.

Annual Financial Reports

  Each local unit of government in Indiana must prepare an annual financial report (AFR), with most requiring to file by March 1. To view the AFR for Porter County or for any other government unit in Indiana, visit the state's Gateway portal and select the unit and year of the report you wish to review. To get started, click on Annual Financial Report on this link: Gateway reports

Porter County is now a "GAAP County!"

  Beginning in 2020, larger units of government in Indiana -- including counties with populations greater than 100,GAPP 2020000 -- are now required to prepare a second financial report following generally accepted accounting principles of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. What's the difference? If you take a look at our 2019 GAAP Financial Statement (below), you will see a wealth of detailed financial information that you won't find in the AFR -- balance sheets, budget comparisons, detailed notes, numerous charts and tables, and more!

  Our GAAP reporting project is by far our single most intensive and complicated project, one that spans several months and takes countless hours to prepare. The GAAP report is prepared in-house, primarily by a three-person team consisting of Auditor Vicki Urbanik, Chief Deputy Toni Downing, and Budget and Finance Director Tiffany Johnson. The State Board of Accounts annually audits our GAAP report. At the current time, work is well underway on our 2020 GAAP Financial Statement.

Below are two graphs that can be found in our "Management and Discussion Analysis" section of our 2019 report. To view the entire GAAP report, click on the link below.

2019 GAAP Financial Statement

county revenues 2019 gaapcounty expenses 2019 gaap
Porter County Government Charitable Nonprofit Foundation 

  Pursuant to state statute, the Porter County Governmental Charitable Nonprofit Foundation must have its own independently audited financial statements annually. These statements follow the GAAP reporting framework for not-for-profit corporations. The Foundation statements are prepared in-house annually by Auditor Vicki Urbanik and audited by the Indianapolis CPA firm of Katz, Sapper Miller.

2016-2017 Financial Statement

2018 Financial Statement

2019 Financial Statement

2020 Financial Statement