Small Claims Cases

Small Claims Filing Fee Schedule

Additional small claims service fee (IC 33-37-4-6)$10 fee for any party adding a defendant to the action.
Automated record keeping fee (IC 33-37-5-21)$20
Court administration fee (IC 33-37-5-27)$5
Document storage fee (IC 33-37-5-20)$5
Judicial insurance adjustment fee (IC 33-37-5-25)$1
Judicial salaries fee (IC 33-37-5-26)$15
Pro Bono legal services fee (IC 33-37-5-31)$1
Public defense administration fee (IC 33-37-5-21.2)$5
Small claims costs fee (IC 33-37-4-6)$35
Small claims garnishee service fee (IC 33-37-4-6)Add a $10 fee per garnishee defendant in excess of 3 whether named or added (paper filed only, no additional fee for e-filing)
Small claims service fee (IC 33-37-4-6)$10
Sheriff Service of Process fee
(one time per case)
Total small claims filing fee
$97 ($125 if you are collecting the sheriff's service of process fee of $28)