Counseling / Therapy

Seeking Professional Counseling or Therapy

Understand that each victim / survivor has their own recovery timetable. Yours may be longer or shorter than others. Some people are ready for counseling right away and others delay. Some never seek assistance. Do not be afraid to ask for professional help.

A support group for survivors of sexual assault may be helpful but it is usually best to have some individual counseling prior to entering a group.

Sexual Assault Recovery Project Services

Sexual Assault Recovery Project services are free and include:

  • Criminal Justice Support / Advocacy
  • Crisis counseling for victims and significant others
  • Information regarding sex crimes and the healing and recovery processes through referrals to appropriate agencies and counselors
  • Support groups for adult survivors of child sexual abuse
  • Assistance in filing victim compensation claims and restitution
  • Raising community awareness through presentations in schools, community centers, or other public forums
  • Lending Library (books and videos)

Suggested Readings

  • If She Is Raped: A Book For Husbands, Fathers, and Male Friends, by McEvoy and Brookings
  • If You Are Raped: What Every Woman Needs To Know, by Johnson
  • Nobody Told Me It Was Rape, by Adams and Fay
  • No Fairy Godmothers, No Magic Wands: The Healing Process After Rape, by Katz
  • Who's Afraid Of The Dark, by Carosella

The books listed above are available through the Sexual Assault Recovery Project. Please call 219-465-3408 for more information.