How to Receive Services

What is the Child Support Office:

The Porter County Child Support Office can assist you in establishing paternity, child support orders, or help with the collection of an existing child support order. Our office establishes paternity by paternity affidavits, or by DNA.

Recipients of public assistance will be referred to our office and required by federal law to comply with our requirements.

Please be advised that our office does not represent either party. We represent the State and the best interest of the child/children. 

Application Process:

There Is No Fee For This Service

Once your enrollment form is received, we will process the enrollment and begin work on your case. We will make every effort to process your case as quickly as possible to insure that your child(ren) receive the support they are entitled to. However, if you do not provide complete information and/or the necessary documents, there may be a delay in processing your application.

Please view and download the application (PDF), or stop by the office for a copy.