School Board Offices

Candidates Listed In Alphabetical Order.

Please note that all School Board Offices are non-partisan.

Duneland School Corporation

Liberty Township Member (Vote For One)

Roy Randall Darnell

Phillip E. Gralik

Beth M. Mehling

Westchester/Pine Townships Member (Vote For One)

Brandon J. Kroft

At Large Member (Vote For One)

Noreen M. Legan

Alayna Lightfoot Pol

East Porter County School Corporation

Morgan Township -  District One (Vote For One)

Richard McSparin

Pleasant Township - District Two (Vote For One)

Joseph Cooper

Elizabeth A. McFalls

Washington Township - District Three (Vote For One)

Robert P. Martin

Vanessa Moore

Metropolitan School District Of Boone Township

District One (Vote For One)

Keith Buchanan

District Two (Vote For One)

Gerald "Jerry" Michalak

District Three (Vote For One)

Frankie Harris

John (Jeff) Nilsen

Portage Township Schools

District One (Vote For One)

Jenny Brown

Troy J. Williams

District Two (Vote For One)

Lori J. Wilkie

At-Large (Vote For One)

Andy Maletta

Julie A. Sausman

Bruce Sawochka

Porter Township School Corporation

District One (Vote For One)

Mary Harlow

District Three (Vote For One)

Laura Chavez

At-Large (Vote For One)

Eric J. McGinty

Union Township School Board

District Two (Vote For One)

Christine E. Kostbade

Michael J. Simatovich

District Four (Vote For One)

Leah Pagone

Paul Peters

At-Large (Vote For One)

Kevin Ribordy

Emily Rogowski

Michigan City Area School Corporation

Michigan City-At Large (Vote For One)

Civil City At-Large (Vote For Three)

Thomas R. Dombkowski

Michael J. Ducey

Michael J. Gresham

Jenilee D. Haynes Peterson