General Priority Considerations

General Priority Considerations ARPA’s State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds constitute a one-time, non-recurring federal award to the County. The use of these funds should reduce, not increase, the need for on-going local expenditures in the future. Priority consideration will be given to proposals that: 

  • Are an eligible use of ARPA funds as stated in Treasury’s Final Rule 
  • Are one-time
  • Leverage matching funds from other sources to the extent allowed 
  • Serve a large number of people in Porter County and the target population served
  • Are from agencies or organizations located in Porter County or primarily having operations in Porter County
  • Are effective and impactful on the use of the ARPA money
  • Are capable to obligate (contract) the funds by December 31, 2024
  • Are capable to complete spending by the deadline of December 31, 2026 

Other considerations that may affect funding recommendations: 

  • Level of federal aid that the applicant has received through other COVID-19 programs; degree to which the applicant has received or requested ARPA assistance from other agencies
  • Commitment to adhere to non-discrimination policies 
  • Commitment to adhere to best labor practices
  • Degree to which the applicant has had negative audit findings, late tax filings, suspension of non-profit status, or other violations of federal, state, or local regulations