ARPA Fiscal Recovery Fund Compliance & Monitoring

Agencies or organizations that submit funding proposals must be capable to handle proper accounting of funds as determined by the Porter County Auditor’s Office, including but not limited to:

  • The County Auditor envisions that each project will have to submit claims before money is spent, and the Auditor’s office will process each payment as bills become due.
  • All expenditures must meet the eligibility requirements as outline by the US Department of Treasury
  • All ARPA expenditures must come directly out of the County’s ARPA fund, and every expenditure will need to be backed up with supporting documentation.   
  • The Federal government reserves the right to audit the County’s use of ARPA funds, and any exceptions must be reimbursed by local taxpayers, so we need to be careful to ensure that every ARPA expenditure is actual, reasonable, and eligible.

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