Eligible Improvements

What Is Eligible

  • Exit Doors (Exterior) - installation, repair and replacement of exit doors and hardware to provide public access, or where current doors do not meet the building and fire codes, or it will improve the overall appearance of the building. 
  • Painting - painting of the exterior surface of buildings
  • Shutters and Awnings – repair, replacement or addition of exterior shutters and awnings. (Exceptions: mansard roofs, backlit and/or plastic awnings are not eligible for funding.) 
  • Signs – repair and replacement – all exterior signage must be brought into compliance with existing county ordinance. 
  • Stairs, Porches, Railings, Exits – repair and replacement or installation of exterior stairs, porches, railings and exit facilities.
  • Walls – repair and rebuilding of exterior walls, including cleaning, sealing, tuck pointing, painting, etc.
  • Landscaping - limited to perennial plantings including trees and shrubs, only in conjunction with rear entrance improvements.
  • Lighting – installation, repair and replacement of energy efficient lighting mounted on a building that illuminates the façade or signage.
  • Walkways – sidewalks, pavers, plazas, and other permanent improvements designed primarily for pedestrian use, only in conjunction with rear entrance improvements.
  • Windows – repair of frames, sills, glazing, replacement of glass and installation of new windows.
  • Roofs – repair and re-roofing, where the effects of the repair will be visible from a public way or public parking lot. (In general, sloping roofs would qualify, flat roofs would not).

What Is Not Eligible

The following items are not eligible for reimbursement grants under the South Haven’s Façade & Sign Improvement Program:

  • Building Permit fees and related costs
  • Extermination of insects, rodents, vermin and other pests
  • Sidewalks – replacement of private sidewalks
  • Title reports and legal fees
  • Acquisition of land or buildings
  • Air conditioning and heating facilities
  • Electrical wiring or service upgrade, except electrical work necessary to illuminate an eligible sign.
  • Elevators – repair or installation
  • Interior improvements such as floor or ceiling replacement and repair
  • Plumbing
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Sweat equity
  • Working capital for businesses
  • Resurfacing of parking lots
  • Temporary Landscaping: In no case will reimbursement grants be made for temporary landscaping such as annual plantings.

Improvements not specifically listed as eligible, or ineligible are subject to review as to eligibility by Planning staff and approval or disapproval by the Porter County Redevelopment Commission.

Planning staff will consider the architectural appropriateness of proposed improvements using the applicable design standards in the Unified Development Ordinance. Improvements that do not meet the applicable design standards are not eligible for a reimbursement grant.