Steering Committee - Work Completed

UPDATED JUNE 24, 2022:

Steering Committee

On June 23rd, the Steering Committee held their final meeting to review the results provided by the Sub-Committees. The Steering Committee calculated the mean score for each Sub-Committee. (The mean, or average, is calculated by adding up the scores and dividing the total by the number of scores.) The Steering Committee voted to recommend those projects that met or exceeded the mean score in their Sub-Committee, although the funding amount for some of the recommended projects were reduced.

The Steering Committee also gave further consideration to eight projects that fell below the mean score. The Committee voted to recommend seven of the eight projects. Additionally, the Steering Committee voted to recommend that $10 million of the ARPA funding be set aside as a revenue loss allowance. The breakdown of funding is:

  • Behavioral Health & Social Services: Eight projects totalling $3,480,000
  • Non-Profits & Employers: Eleven projects totalling $5,518,625
  • Infrastructure & Faciliites: Seven projects totalling $7,174,513
  • County Government COVID Health Response: Ten projects totalling $2,926,246
  • Revenue Loss Allowance: $10,000,000

To view and/or download the final list of recommended projects and funding amounts, go to LIST OF RECOMMENDED PROJECTS AND FUNDING AMOUNTS BY SUB-COMMITTEE.

NEXT STEP: Board of Commissioners & County Council

The final recommendations of the Steering Committee will be presented to the Board of Commissioners at their July 12, 2022 meeting for their review and approval. Subject to the approval by the Board of Commissioners on July 12th, it will then be presented to the County Council at their July 26, 2022 meeting. The meeting times are:

  • Board of Commissioners Meeting: 10:00 AM On Tuesday, July 12, 2022.
  • County Council Meeting: 5:30 PM On Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

Members & Responsibilities

  • This Committee will be chaired by County Auditor Urbanik as non-voting facilitator and will be comprised of one Commissioner and two County Council members. The Board of Commissioners appointee is Commissioner Blaney. The County Council appointees are Council members Rivas and Bozak. County Auditor Urbanik will also be responsible for ARPA Fiscal Recovery Fund Compliance & Monitoring.
  • Taking input from the four Sub-Committees, the Steering committee will propose a plan and budget for the consideration and approval by the Board of Commissioners and the County Council.

Meeting Videos

All meeting videos are available on the Porter County Government ARPA Planning Meetings YouTube Channel