Non-Profits & Employers Sub-Committee

  • This Sub-Committee will be comprised of one Commissioner, two County Council members and two citizen appointments. The Board of Commissioners appointee is Commissioner Biggs. The County Council appointees are Council members Brickner and Wagner. A local expert in non-profit management will also serve as a non-voting technical advisor.
  • The focus of this Sub-Committee will be non-profits and small businesses who have faced significant challenges due to the pandemic as well as impacted industries including hospitality, tourism and travel.
  • The Sub-Committee will take and consider public input & funding proposals and make recommendations to the Steering Committee.


The Non-Profits & Employers Sub-Committee meetings will hold at least one meeting that will be scheduled on an evening and/or Saturday. All meetings are open to the public.  

The public can sign up to get email and/or text notifications of upcoming meetings as well as agendas and videos of the meetings. (Meeting videos will be posted within two business days after the meeting.) GO HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL AND/OR TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATIONS

In addition, meeting videos will also be posted within two business days after the meeting on the Porter County Government ARPA Planning Meetings YouTube Channel. You can also subscribe on the YouTube Channel to receive notifications of new meeting videos posted.