Behavioral Health & Social Service Sub-Committee - Work Completed

Sub-Committee Work Has Been Completed

This Sub-Committee has met six times, totaling over nine hours, to take and consider public input & funding proposals. Each voting member scored each project proposal that were presented to the Sub-Committee on a scale of 0 points to 60 points. The members scores were added together and divided by 5 to determine an Average Score for each proposal.

The Sub-Committee completed their work on May 18, 2022 and forwarded the results to the Steering Committee. You can view the results of the Sub-Committee's scoring process for the projects presented HERE.

Sub-Committee Members & Focus

  • This Sub-Committee will be comprised of one Commissioner, two County Council members and two citizen appointments. The Board of Commissioners appointee is Commissioner Biggs. The County Council appointees are Council members Simms and Brickner. The Center, Portage, Porter and Union Township Trustees will serve as non-voting technical advisors.
  • The focus of this Sub-Committee will be behavioral health and social services including substance use, preventing and responding to violence, assistance to eligible households and housing.
  • The Sub-Committee will take and consider public input & funding proposals and make recommendations to the Steering Committee.

Meeting Videos

All meeting videos have been posted and are available for public view on the Porter County Government ARPA Planning Meetings YouTube Channel