American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Planning Process


Based on input from the public, this new ARPA Planning Process has been developed to allocate ARPA funds. This new process will engage the public and assure transparency. The Porter County Board of Commissioners and Porter County Council approved this plan at their February 22, 2022 meetings.

Generally, this process will include:

  • Establishment of four Sub-Committees, comprised of one Commissioner, two Council members and two citizens as voting members who will hold meetings to review ideas and comments from the public and funding proposals from agencies and organizations. Non-voting technical advisors may also be appointed to the Sub-Committees and Steering Committee. 
  • Based on input from the public input and funding proposals submitted, the Sub-Committees will make recommendations to a Steering Committee comprised of one Commissioner and two County Council members who will then make recommendations to the full Board of Commissioners and County Council.
  • The public can sign up to get email and/or text notifications of upcoming meetings as well as agendas and videos of the meetings. (Meeting videos will be posted within two business days after the meeting.) GO HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL AND/OR TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATIONS.
  • In addition, meeting videos will also be posted within two business days after the meeting on the Porter County Government ARPA Planning Meetings YouTube Channel. You can also subscribe on the YouTube Channel to receive notifications of new meeting videos posted.

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