For Individuals, Sole Proprietorships & General Partnerships

If you conduct business as an individual, sole proprietor, association, or general partnership under an assumed name, many banks and lenders require you to file a Certificate of Assumed Business Name or Doing-Business-As (DBA) form.

The document must be notarized, meet recording requirements, and include the correct recording fee of $25.00.

We can provide copies of our DBA form at our counter that you may use to fill out and submit for recording. You can also download the DBA form HERE

We do have notary publics available at our office who will notarize documents to be recorded at no charge.

To record the document, it can be delivered to our counter or you can also mail it to us at the address listed below. The recording fee is $25.00. If paying by check please make your check payable to “Porter County Recorder.”

  • Porter County Recorder
  • 155 Indiana Ave., Ste 210
  • Valparaiso, IN 46383