COVID Alert Level Red


Updated Monday, January 19

Porter County Public Health Officer Revises Previous Health Order.

Two weeks have now passed since New Year’s Day and the Porter County new COVID 19 case numbers have stabilized and decreased.  Porter County did not see the anticipated surge in cases associated with the holidays.   

“This is a credit to the people of Porter County who have followed public health measures, kept gatherings small, wore masks in public and adhered to social distancing guidelines,” said Porter County Public Health Officer Dr. Maria Stamp.

Accordingly, the Porter County Health Officer Order of December 4, 2020 has been rescinded and superseded by a new Health Officer Order on January 18, 2021. 

The new Order states that  Porter County shall revert to the color code restrictions contained in Indiana Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-53. 

Currently, Porter County falls in the RED level of restrictions according to Indiana’s County Color Based COVID 19 reporting system as determined by the weekly number of new cases per 100,000 population and the test positivity rate. When these metrics fall into the ORANGE category, the RED level restrictions will continue to be in effect for the following two consecutive weeks before being lowered to the ORANGE level, so long as the county does not enter the RED level again in that timeframe. 

“I strongly encourage the people and businesses in Porter County to not let down their guard,” added Dr. Stamp. “We all want to return to some level of normalcy, but to get there we must continue to follow current CDC and ISDH risk reduction guidelines.”

Additionally, COVID-19 safety inspectors will continue to be utilized for enforcement and compliance with the Indiana Governor Executive Order.   Employees, patrons and members of the general public are encouraged to contact the Porter County Health Department telephonically, through email and/or website with reports of noncompliance with this order.  Provisions of this Order will be implemented and enforced consistent with the enforcement provision of Governor Holcomb’s Executive Orders.

The revised Order will remain in effect until modified or rescinded. 


  1. Continued adherence to all general requirements for individuals, businesses and gatherings/events as outlined in the Governor's Executive Order 20-48. Those general requirements can be found HERE.
  2. Continued adherence to the Color Code restrictions as outlined in the Governor's Executive Order 20-18. The Color Code restrictions can be found HERE.