Our mobile responsive site is designed to make it easier to engage with Porter County government from the convenience of your phone or desktop. Here are just some of the features of our design.

First and foremost, our site is mobile responsive! No more messing around with our old app or trying to figure out how to get to the information you need. In fact, our app will be discontinued. If you have previously downloaded the app, we encourage you to delete it from your mobile devices.

Property tax issues are the single largest reason (nearly 60%) that our citizens visit our website. With our Property Tax Portal, you no longer have to search through multiple departments to find the information you need. The Property Tax Portal includes information about your tax bills, assessed valuation, assessment appeals, business & personal property taxes, changing your tax bill mailing address, deductions, finding your tax bill online, and of course, the many options you have (including online) to pay your property taxes.

Elections and voter registration also ranks high in the number of visitors, so we’ve established an easy access Elections & Registration section which includes voter, poll worker and candidate filing information along with campaign finance reports and previous years’ election results.

Our home page has been rebuilt from scratch. We analyzed our website data from the last few years and determined the top reasons that our citizens visited our site. Our new homepage design now includes Graphic Links along with Top Services and Popular Links lists where you can easily connect with the most frequented topics without having to comb through a menu. We’ve also included a calendar with upcoming meetings and events, a Tax Info list with highlights of important dates and tips, and News Flash list that will feature up to the moment news important to our residents.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our home page, we’ve designed a menu structure that helps you find what you need. The menu is set up with four categories including Departments, Services, How Do I? and Community.


For frequent visitors, we maintained the traditional A to Z alphabetical lists of departments. For less frequent visitors who are trying to find information about a particular topic, we also established sub menu categories where it will be easier for you to connect with the right department.


This menu option lists the services most often requested by our visitors by category (i.e. Public Safety, Health & Environment, Roads & Streets, etc.). The pages listed will connect you directly with the information you need.

How Do I?

The How Do I? menu might be the best place to start if you are looking for a particular service. Listed in categories (i.e. Apply, Find, Pay, Report) it is the most convenient way for you to connect with the appropriate department. Many of the services can even be requested or obtained online!


This menu option will provide you with information about our cities & towns, chambers of commerce, community resources, places to visit and wedding & event venues. You can also find a listing of Facebook pages operated by departments of Porter County government.

We are also making strides to improve our ADA Accessibility for those with visual impairments. We’ve cleaned up the formatting, colors, images and links to PDF documents for our visitors that use a screen reader. And we are committed to continued improvements as we make more changes in the future.

We welcome your feedback about our website! Please tell us about your experience and what we can do to continue our improvements by submitting an online Website Feedback Form.