Code Enforcement

The Porter County Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing county ordinances in an effort to promote and protect the public health, safety, and welfare of those individuals living, working, and doing business in the unincorporated areas of Porter County. Effective code enforcement promotes stable neighborhoods and property values while enhancing community pride. 

Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Abandoned vehicles;
  • Graffiti;
  • Overgrown grass or weeds;
  • Illegal signs;
  • Interior appliances found outside;
  • Maintenance of exterior of structures;
  • Unsafe or dangerous structures.

Reporting A Potential Code Violation

Porter County Code Enforcement can only address possible violations for properties in UNINCORPORATED areas of Porter County. Unincorporated means those areas outside of the municipal boundaries of our cities and towns. If the property you are concerned about is within a city or town, we have listed the applicable websites below where you can report your concern.

To report a potential code violation for a property in UNINCORPORATED Porter County, please complete and submit an Online Code Enforcement Request form.