Damage Claims

Damages In Right-Of-Way

Damage in the right-of-way is one of the unavoidable side-effects of clearing the roads and streets. In spring when the ground has thawed, we inspect the routes, and repair the damage by filling in with topsoil, and planting grass seed wherever necessary. Residents who place landscaping (shrubs, stones, and plantings other than sod) or irrigation systems in the right of way assume any liability for damage.

Damaged Mailbox

County plow drivers do their best to to avoid mailboxes in the right-of-way. Mailboxes are rarely hit by a plow. Instead, it is the force of the snow coming off the plow that normally causes the damage. Mailboxes with weakened support are most vulnerable. Homeowners should make sure mailboxes are firmly attached to the post and that the post is constructed sturdily enough to withstand the weight of the snow as it comes off the end of the snowplow. Homeowners should also check the placement of their mailbox to ensure that it is not leaning into the street.

If your mailbox was damaged during snow plowing, you must complete and submit the Mailbox Damage Claim (PDF) to the Porter County Highway Department.

  • The claim must be mailed within 60 days from the date of loss/damage. Failure to submit your claim in a timely manner will result in the denial of your claim.
  • You must include photographs of the damaged mailbox along with receipts for repairs in reference to the claim. Failure to submit a photograph and a receipt documenting cost will result in denial of the claim.
  • Reimbursement will be limited to a reasonable amount, which amount must be properly documented. There is no reimbursement for installation.
  • Mail your completed claim form, photograph(s) and receipt(s) to: Porter County Highway Department, 1955 S. State Road 2, Valparaiso IN 46385.
  • It may take 30 to 60 days to process your claim.
  • Porter County is not admitting to any liability for damages sustained to your mailbox due to snow removal based upon the review or payment of your claim.
  • Any questions regarding your claim should be directed to the Porter County Highway Department at (219) 465-3570.