Help The Highway Department Help You

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During snow events, you can help the Highway Department clear your roads quicker with these tips:
  • Do your grocery shopping and errands BEFORE the snow starts;
  • The less traffic there is on the roads, the quicker the snow plows can clear them. So, avoid driving if possible;
  • Keep your parked cars off the roads and streets. The less obstacles to the snow plow drivers, the quicker the roads can be cleared. Remember it is a violation of County Code to park your car on the streets if there is a snowfall of 2" or more until the streets have been plowed. Violators may be subject to having their cars ticketed and/or towed at the owners expense.
  • Give snow plows a wide berth on the road, for your safety and their's;
  • When clearing your driveways, do not push snow into the roads. It is a violation of County Code. Violators may be subject to civil fines.
Above all, please be patient. The Highway Department is responsible for plowing and salting over 815 miles of roads. Because they have to make at least two passes down every road (one each way), that comes to 1630 driving miles...the equivalent of plowing one lane from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Key West, Florida.