Who Maintains Which Roads

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The Porter County Highway Department is responsible streets and roads in UNINCORPORATED Porter County. Unincorporated means outside the municipal boundaries of our cities and towns. State Roads and US Highways are also excluded. For your convenience, we have listed links to the contact information for the cities, towns and Indiana Department of Transportation below.

Roads & Streets Within Municipal Boundaries

Roads and streets within the municipal boundaries of our cities and towns are maintained by the applicable municipality. Listed below are links to the municipal websites where you can report issues.

State Roads & US Highways

Maintaining State Roads and US Highways, including the intersections with State Roads and US Highways, are the responsibility of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). This includes bridges, intersections, right of ways and traffic signs & signals along those roads and highways. The State Roads & Highways include:

  • State Roads 2, 8, 49, 130, 149 and 249;
  • US Highways 6, 12, 20, 30 and 231;
  • Interstates 80 and 94 

To report issues or concerns about any of these State Roads, US Highways or Interstates, visit INDOT.

Private Roads

Private Roads are the responsibility of either the property owner or the Homeowner's Association, if applicable.

All Other Roads Not Listed Above

The Porter County Highway Department.