Roles & Responsibilities

Being a Poll Worker is a very serious time commitment. The polls are open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and you will need to plan on being there by 5:00 AM and not leaving until up to 7:00 PM on Election Day. Inspectors and some Judges will have the additional responsibility of returning election supplies to the Porter County Administration Center after polling locations are closed. Plus, you will need to attend a three hour Poll Worker training class.

There are a variety of different roles of Poll Workers, and there are multiple duties for each worker. The positions can be appointed by the Chairs of each major political party, and failing that, it is up to the Elections & Registration office to fill the remainder. The roles include:


There is one Inspector for each Precinct Election Board. The Inspector is the manager of the precinct or precincts and serves on the precinct election board. They have a much longer and more involved role in the election process as noted by their numerous duties before and after election day. The duties of the Inspector include:
  • Asking voters to provide a photo ID.
  • Challenging voters and accepting voter challenges when a voter is not eligible to vote in the precinct.
  • Picking up the election supplies prior to the election.
  • Administering oaths to the other Poll Workers in their precinct.
  • Announcing the opening and closing of the polling place.
  • Returning all election supplies after the election has concluded.


There are at least two Judges on each Precinct Election Board, with at least one from each political party. The Judges are members of the Precinct Election Board and assist the Inspector with making decisions on matters coming before the board. The duties of the Judges include:
  • Asking voters to provide a photo ID.
  • Provide assistance to voters with disabilities or voters with literacy issue when requested.
  • Accompany the Inspector in returning election supplies to the County Election Board after the polls close, provided that they are from a different political party than the Inspector.

Poll Clerks

There are at least two Poll Clerks in each Precinct Election Board, with at least one from each political party. The main function of the Poll Clerk is record keeping and ballot control. Poll Clerks may assist voters in the process of signing the poll list and provide record keeping at the polling place. The duties of the Poll Clerks include:
  • Asking voters to provide a photo ID.
  • Ask voters to provide documentation to verify the voter's residence.
  • Initial each ballot and/or secrecy envelope.
  • Ensure that the voter has been given the proper ballot.

Election Night Workers

Election Night Workers will assist in checking in Inspectors and Judges from each Precinct Election Board as they turn in their election equipment and supplies after the polls have closed.