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The Porter County Auditor’s office provides the following services:

Property Tax

The Auditor’s office staff works closely with the Assessor and Treasurer’s office to complete these processes.  Segregation of our duties is determined by law and designed for transparency and fairness.

  • All property tax deductions, including homestead, mortgage, veteran’s, blind & disabled, geothermal and Over Age 65
  • Calculation of all property tax statements for real property, personal property, and mobile homes
  • Correction of errors on all property tax statements and refunds
  • Administration of tax abatements
  • Administration of Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Areas
  • Semi-annual settlement of all property taxes to the appropriate taxing units
  • Maintains ownership records for all real estate within the county, handling transfers, splits, combining, and annexations
  • Works with Treasurer to hold annual Tax Sale

Financial Responsibilities

The Auditor’s staff and Treasurer’s office maintain separate accounting records to ensure proper use of public funds.  All claims for payment are approved by the County Commissioners, while the County Council authorizes the amount of money that can be spent by each department.

  • Payroll for all county employees is done by the auditor’s office
  • Withholding and payroll deductions
  • Maintains over 500 fund ledgers and drain maintenance ledgers
  • Accounts Payable – auditing and processing all claims submitted by departments
  • Accounts Receivable for all types revenue
  • Preparation of W-2’s and 1099’s
  • Annual report and fixed assets
  • Secretary to County Commissioners and County Council
  • Official keeper of minutes, ordinances, contracts, and bonds
  • Administration and reporting of all county grants
  • Preparation of Salary Ordinance
  • Distribution of all other taxes, including: Adjusted Gross Income Tax, Economic Development Income Tax, Wheel  and Sur Tax, Excise Tax and Financial Institution Tax