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Adjusted tax bills issued for Pine Township tax districts

An error in neighboring LaPorte County has prompted adjusted property tax bills for taxpayers in Pine Township in Porter County. The affected property owners are those in the Michigan City School district, specifically, Beverly Shores, the Town of Pines, and a portion of unincorporated Pine Township.

The error involved the calculation of the supplemental homestead deduction. LaPorte County had to re-certify their net assessed values, and as a result, tax rates throughout LaPorte County had to be re-calculated, including those for the Michigan City Schools. 

The change to the school's tax rate was an increase of 0.006 cents. The difference in tax bills will be applied to the fall installment.

For more information about the revised tax bills, our office has prepared a handout, which is available at our office and by clicking here: A Message to Pine Township Taxpayers.

The chart below shows the approved 2022 tax rates including the changes to the three Pine Township districts, as shown in the Porter County budget order. To  view the budget order online, click here: Porter County amended 2022 budget order

Taxing District2021 Tax Rate2022 Tax Rate
Boone Township2.56402.3932
Center Township1.98631.9106
Valparaiso--Center Township2.95842.8672
Jackson Township1.52371.4654
Liberty Township1.58011.5214
Chesterton--Liberty Township2.43822.3818
Morgan Township1.49141.4783
Pine Township--Michigan City Schools1.47301.4016
Pine Township--Duneland Schools1.56141.4965
Beverly Shores1.97151.9365
Pines town1.89831.8251
Pleasant Township1.57361.5602
Portage Township1.84141.7975
Portage--Portage Township2.79742.7240
Ogden Dunes2.16322.1411
Porter Township1.50821.5989
Union Township1.60101.5314
Washington Township1.49921.4909
Westchester Township1.66731.6391
Portage--Westchester Township2.86132.7712
Chesterton--Westchester Township2.55402.5048
Burns Harbor1.99271.9364
Dune Acres2.05051.9892
Porter town2.75112.7139
Chesterton--Jackson Township2.42682.3706
West Porter Fire1.48631.5796
Valparaiso--Washington Township2.70782.6732
Valparaiso--Morgan Township2.69942.6661
Valparaiso--Center Township MTE1.98631.9106

Certified Net Assessed Values

The Porter County Auditor's Office annually certifies the net assessed values that are used in establishing property tax rates. These values reflect the assessed values for all property types, adjusted for tax abatements, TIFs, deductions and other factors.

The 2022 certified net AVs show that for the second year in a row, the county's overall taxable values will increase by more than 6%, from $10.5 billion to $11.2 billion. Generally speaking, higher net AVs can help stabilize property tax rates. Some highlights about the certified values:

  • Of the various property types, owner-occupied homes increased the most, from $5.8 billion to $6.38 billion, a nearly 10% increase.
  • Personal property values grew an overall 2%, to $1.52 billion.
  • Real and personal property in Tax Increment Financing districts increased from $886 million to $889 million.CNAV chart thru 2022
  • While nearly all of Porter County's taxing districts saw net AV growth, five taxing districts increased by more than 10%. These were: Pine Township-Duneland Schools, Pine Township-Michigan City Schools, Morgan Township, Jackson Township, and Chesterton-Liberty Township.

Details about Porter County's 2022 certified values are available online at Click on "Search for Reports," then "Assessed Values."

Income Tax revenue for 2022 certified

The table below shows the local income tax (LIT) revenues that our office distributes monthly to the county, cities and towns. The revenue comes from payroll withholdings from those who work in the county.

Overall, Porter County's 2022 local income tax revenues are 2.4% lower than in 2021. Per state statute, half of the total is reserved for a credit on homeowner tax bills and for the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority. The other half is distributed to the county and municipalities. 

Did you know? Porter County's LIT rate of 0.5% (.005) is the lowest in Indiana. Only one other county currently has this same rate. The following breakdown shows the distribution to the county and municipalities in 2021 and 2022.

County $   6,113,221
Portage  3,287,307 
Valparaiso     2,832,254
Chesterton     1,166,464
Porter        433,630
Hebron        332,408             324,572
Kouts        167,722            163,768
Burns Harbor        103,186            100,753
Ogden Dunes          99,080             96,744
Pines         63,197              61,707
Beverly Shores         54,717             53,427
Dune Acres         16,246


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