Mobile Command Center Requests

NON-EMERGENCY Mobile Command Center Requests

Requests for non-emergency use of the Mobile Command Center (6450) must be made in writing and submitted to Porter County Emergency Management, at least three weeks prior to the event. Making a request does not assure you of use. Non-emergency use is on a "first come, first served" basis. A chief officer should make the request. Please note that transport of 6450 will be done by specially trained personnel.

To make a request, please EMAIL or call us at 219-462-8654.

EMERGENCY Mobile Command Center Requests

In the event of an emergency request, the requesting officer should contact the Porter County 911 Center at 219-477-3000 and provide a call back number and location to be requested to, and that will be relayed to the Porter County Emergency Management Agency. Porter County Emergency Management will return the call and process the request.