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Porter County tax payment options
Pay By Mail - Write checks to and mail to
Porter County Treasurer
PO Box 2150
Valparaiso, IN 46384-2150

Pay In Person -
155 Indiana Avenue, Room 209
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Monday - Friday 8:30 to 4:30 (Except Holidays)

Phone Payments - (877) 690-3729 CODE: 2416

Pay Online Click here


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1. Porter County tax payment options
2. When is my tax bill considered late? How is penalty calculated?
3. Can I send my tax bill to the return address on the envelope?
4. What are the Due Dates for Paying My Taxes?
5. How and to whom do I address penalties on my tax bill?
6. Why did my taxe bill go up?
7. How can I get a receipt when I mail in my Taxes?
8. How do I change my mailing address for my tax bill?
9. If I overpaid my taxes, when and how can I receive a tax surplus refund?
10. What is necessary for a mobile home permit to transfer title or for moving the mobile home unit?
11. What property tax deductions/exemptions are available to me and where do I file for them?
12. Where can tax history information?
13. How can I find my tax information online?
14. What do I need for the Liquor License Clearance