Effective March 1, 2021: We no longer update the Dashboard on Saturday and Sunday. The on the Dashboard side, Monday updates will include the total of new case data for Saturday, Sunday & Monday. On the Charts & Graphs side, we will continue to show data broken down by day.


  1. Recoveries will be updated once a week.
  2. Positive Cases are the number of INDIVIDUALS who GET TESTED and have a positive test result. If an individual has multiple tests and receives multiple positive test results, it only counts as ONE positive case.
  3. Positive Antibody tests are NOT reported as positive cases.
  4. Our Dashboard totals include ONE presumptive death to date, but it is NOT included in the number of positive cases. Presumptive deaths are those for which x-ray, scans, and clinical symptoms all point to COVID-19 but for which no positive test is on record. 
  5. For cases from Valparaiso University, the Total Positives of students, faculty and staff that live on campus will be attributed to Center Township. For students, faculty and staff who live off campus, the Total Positives will be attributed to the township in which they reside.
  6. The Total Positives include the inmates at the Porter County Jail who tested positive. These cases are being attributed to Washington Township as that is where the Jail is located.

Graphs & Charts

Our daily reporting will now offer COVID-19 Graphs & Charts, including Daily Breakdown Of New Cases, New Cases By Day With A Seven Day Rolling Average, New Tests By Day With A Seven Day Rolling Average, New Cases By Week, New Cases By Week Excluding Congregate Living Facilities, New & Total Cases By Day and New & Total Tests By Day. You can access this feature at VIEW CHARTS & GRAPHS

NEW! ISDH Vaccination Dashboard

Find data about the number of vaccinations and demographics both at the State and County Level at the ISDH Vaccination Dashboard.

Click on the right or left ARROWS in the tab above to find Current Totals, Long Term Care Facility Totals, Cases by Age & Gender, Deaths by Age & Gender, Cases By Township (Map), Deaths by Township (Map) or Township List which includes current total cases, hospitalizations, recoveries and deaths by township.