Training Requirements

Our Poll Worker training program will assure that our poll workers have the knowledge that they need to succeed on election day. Poll workers will be paid additional compensation to attend the classes. All poll workers are REQUIRED to successfully complete a training class or they will not be allowed to work on election day.

Poll Worker Training

ALL poll workers are required to attend a 3 hour training class which will include:

  • In-depth review of election laws applicable;
  • In-depth review of the roles and responsibilities of the Inspectors, Judges and Poll Clerks;
  • In-depth and hands on training with the election equipment;
  • Break out sessions for Inspectors, Judges and Clerks.
  • Question and answer period.

Training Class Schedule

Both New Poll Worker Training Classes and Returning Poll Worker Training Classes will be set up to include morning, afternoon and evening sessions in Chesterton, Portage and Valparaiso. You will be provide with information about locations, dates and times after you have been approved as a poll worker.