Qualifications: Ages 18 Or Older

While previous experience as a poll worker is desired, it is NOT required. Please review the minimum qualifications for poll workers below.
  • You must be a qualified and registered voter in Porter County; AND
  • You must willingly declare your political party affiliation; AND
  • You must be able to read, write and speak the English language; AND
  • You must satisfactorily complete required training classes.
  • You are disqualified if you have property bet or wagered on election results.
  • You may not be an Inspector if you are the treasurer or chairman of the committee for a candidate on the ballot.
  • You are disqualified if you are a candidate or candidate's relative by birth, marriage or adoption, unless the candidate is unopposed.
  • You are disqualified if you fail to satisfactorily complete the required training classes.