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Income Tax revenue for 2021 certified

The state has certified its estimates of local income tax (LIT) revenues that will be distributed in 2021. This tax comes from payroll withholdings from those who work in the county; the 2021 estimates reflect the income taxes generated in 2019. 

Overall, Porter County is expected to see an increase of 5.48% in its LIT revenues. Half of the total is reserved for a credit on homeowner tax bills and for the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority. The other half is distributed to the county and municipalities. 

Did you know? Porter County's LIT rate of 0.5% (.005) is the lowest in Indiana. Only one other county currently has this same rate. The LIT revenues certified by the state are subject to change before the final certification later in the year. The following breakdown shows the distribution to the county and municipalities in both 2020 and 2021.

      2020    2021 (est.)
Porter County government$  5,795,737$   6,113,221
Portage    3,116,583     3,287,307 
Valparaiso    2,685,163     2,832,254
Chesterton    1,105,884     1,166,464
Porter       411,110        433,630
Hebron       315,145        332,408
Kouts       159,011        167,722
Burns Harbor        97,827        103,186
Ogden Dunes        93,934          99,080
Pines        59,915         63,197
Beverly Shores        51,875         54,717
Dune Acres        15,402         16,246

Coronavirus Relief Funds approved

(Updated 9/23/2020)--Porter County has been awarded $124,271  through the state's Coronavirus Relief Fund, established through the Cares Act passed by Congress. These federal funds reimburse the county's costs for the prevention, treatment and response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. To see the full list of Cares Act reimbursements to counties and municipalities throughout Indiana, visit the Coronavirus Relief Fund site at, or click here: Cares Act Disbursements.

Below is a summary of the county's COVID expenditures that have been reimbursed, broken down by county department. (Note: We will update this list as additional reimbursements are approved).

CommissionersCOVID testing for county employees$ 85,008
CommissionersPPE, cleaning supplies, thermometers23,283
FacilitiesPPE, protective shields,  cleaning supplies13,064
Health DepartmentCOVID testing2,725
IV-D CourtPPE191
$  124,271

Tax Levies and Tax Cap Estimates

Per state statute, the Porter County Council, at its first meeting in August, reviewed estimated property tax levy and tax cap data that will apply to tax bills in 2021. As we have done in previous years, the Porter County Auditor's Office compiled a report for the council containing the state's levy and tax cap estimates for Porter County's taxing units. The report shows that, generally, maximum tax levies are expected to increase in 2021, while revenue losses due to the state's Circuit Breaker tax caps are expected to decline. To see our report, click here: Max Levy and Tax Cap Report.

Summer tax distribution completed

The Porter County Auditor’s office recently completed a special property tax distribution. Porter County's schools, municipalities, and other taxing units received nearly $14.8 million in the "advance" tax draw.

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state this year gave taxpayers more time to pay their spring tax installment without incurring a penalty. The revenue that was distributed in the advance draw represents the property taxes that were paid after the regular May 10 deadline and on or before July 10, the last day to pay without a penalty. Our office distributed more than $130 million in property taxes, excise taxes, fees, and assessments in the regular June distribution. The summer distribution now brings the taxing units back on track with the full amount of property taxes they normally would have received from the spring installment of tax bills.

To view the distribution reports for Porter County taxing units (known as the Form 22), visit the "Settlement Reports" page on the Budget & Finance tab. You can also get there by clicking here.

 Budget austerity measures now in place

The Porter County Council and Porter County Commissioners have jointly adopted a financial resolution in anticipation of potentially negative budgetary impacts due to the coronavirus. The resolution, adopted by the Council on May 26 and adopted by the Commissioners on June 9, calls for several austerity measures, including the following:

  • Department heads must seek Council or Commissioner approval before moving forward with filling vacancies;
  • Department heads must seek advance approval before authorizing any overtime or compensatory time for employees;
  • Department heads seeking an additional appropriation from the general fund must first seek approval to get on the council agenda;
  • The Porter County Auditor will utilize inter-fund borrowing to resolve departmental cash flow problems.

Tax rates 2020

The table below shows this year’s property tax rates with a comparison to the 2019 rates.

Taxing District2019 Tax Rate2020 Tax Rate
Boone Township2.50032.3633
Center Township2.04362.0409
Valparaiso--Center Township3.01523.0403
Jackson Township1.58491.6175
Liberty Township1.61531.6532
Chesterton--Liberty Township2.54132.5564
Morgan Township1.50471.5436
Pine Township--Michigan City Schools1.44081.4638
Pine Township--Duneland Schools1.63211.6588
Beverly Shores1.95872.0365
Pines town1.95761.8871
Pleasant Township1.56321.6223
Portage Township1.90321.8858
Portage city--Portage Township2.82652.8146
Ogden Dunes2.15272.1792
Porter Township1.59361.6029
Union Township1.75811.6168
Washington Township1.50581.5452
Westchester Township1.72981.7896
Portage city--Westchester Township2.91782.9407
Chesterton--Westchester Township2.65592.6804
Burns Harbor2.05252.1017
Dune Acres2.06452.1247
Porter town2.89202.9505
Chesterton--Jackson Township2.53172.5444
Porter Township--West Porter Fire1.58921.5972
Valparaiso--Washington Township2.70062.7704
Valparaiso--Morgan Township2.69532.7649
Valparaiso--Center Township MTE2.04362.0409

 To view the adopted budgets for Porter County government, see the "Budgets & Finance" tab or click here


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